Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why Cant I See My Friend On Oovoo

Here my silly and funny about people in love. In honor February 14, this is the first part. Some very obvious they are not here. I start with these.

Harima Kenji and Tenma Tsukamoto . (School Rumble). If you can choose the champion fool of this series between these two is their problem. The ideal partner by many fans and if any argument is that which is more than the 2 idiots. Harima is socially inept and romantically distracted, putting it in absurd situations as cheating partner to be with Tenma, and doing it wrong! without even needing to go a little crazy, so it is with whom Eri does not get anything right (not to say that she thinks would rape). Tenma in turn is more rare than it is acceptable for a girl her age. One thing is to eat onigiri for not knowing how to cook daily. Another is not to understand the signals of several children who love him (if, in addition to Harima is more, between Nara and many others), but the hair of nine in the night to remember a movie (with their tails up) is perhaps too much. None of these 2 neurons is intimately related to each other or with anyone else.
Yokoshima Tadao. (GS Mikami) . If men think with the penis by the majority of women, Tadao Yokoshima is irrefutable proof that we try to disarm each defense. And being that the penis does not have to say many neurons (of which serve to think) we can not expect even to articulate a word correctly. But who blame him? Working as Reiko Mikami assistant who never care that your dress is not so close that looks painted or stop displaying her panties. Something that would stand out less than glass F. Probably this is how it was being silly until their salaries reached $ 2 per hour (assuming that is not enough, remember that we are third world xD). Anyone in his place and was violated, she may say fire him and hit but that work is not worth it and receives blows anyway. In the end the reason why that it does you no longer have the brain capacity to the plan will go well, as he tries to go later in the series.
Jesse and James (Pokemon) . If you go on a show like Pokemon does not make you stupid enough (cough cough Ash! Cough cough why the hell did you leave to go to Misty?? Cough cough) they decided it would be the idiots who fight against villains heroes in a series stupid idiots. If we do not have the improvisations of James and his insistence to announce their presence with their motto ... what remains is this: when they will turn to look at each other and realize they are a man and a woman? Both were heard complaining of his loneliness. And if they say I do not like or can not think more than at work: He is rich and she is very good!! Been 10 years in the same sudden and except for hints of brain by the writer does not advance their relationship even at the level of the series Ranma ½. James, my friend, I aclararte something, you may not know. Those things that takes Jesse under the shirt Pok├ęball NO !!!!!!

in the next list more in love idiots that make fun.


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